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Over the past 21 years we've been providing home users, small to medium private companies, and large government corporations throughout South West Victoria, advice and support on all their ICT needs. Let deliver service and advice to you in a holistic “proactive” manner and get away from the “reactive” approach to ICT.

Benefits to Customers

We believe that our services pay for themselves
Our primary focus is to ensure that your computer systems are productive and effective
  • Over and above the productivity enhancements we give by way of our professional services to keep your systems running, EZPC.Systems also raise your productivity by assisting your staff on query calls or whatever their needs may be. In fact removes all the issues around ICT from the business, allowing you to do what you are best at. Why should the managers of company ABC who make widgets be required to know all about ICT Management, can take that off your hands.

  • Due to the focus and systems of we are able to provide fast response to all calls via multiple methods over South West Victoria. We operate under our internal SLA’s but if you wish to enter into an SLA agreement this can be done with negotiation.

  • EZPC.Systems believes that we will be able to save our clients money in reducing interruptions to their workflows and assist in innovating their businesses with evolving technology. Under a Managed Service agreement your staff can call us for any issue as often as they like without an additional fee.

  • EZPC.Systems will take a holistic view of your systems; we look at the whole picture and guiding our clients and give them what they need to succeed. Typically ICT in Small to medium businesses is siloed due to the fact that there often isn’t a strategic goal in the direction of the systems. A PC is replaced here, a server there, but this leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Our Team


John Parker has over 23 years experiance in all aspects of Information Technology. John’s philosophy is that there is always a way to do what the customer needs and will go out of his way to please. John can be contacted by calling 1300 13 66 55 or by email at


Roxanne has extensive experiance in administration for local government and large non-for-profit organisations. She has an active interest in Information Technology as well as running hr own seporate busines. Roxanne can be contacted on 1300 13 66 55 or by email at


Web and Graphic Design
Kimberley has an background in Arts and Graphic design. She is also a qualified secondary school Arts teacher. With these skills Kimberley is able to not only produce great websites but is also a fantastic communicator. Kimerley can be contacted on 1300 13 66 55 or by emil at

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