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Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Impress Your Coworkers

There is never a better feeling then discovering something that makes your life so much easier. These 5 Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts are so helpful you’ll be annoyed you were today years old when you learnt them. 

Windows Key + V

I use this shortcut everyday! This is the big sister to the Ctrl + V and is very handy for when you are copying a number of different items. Hitting windows key + V opens the clipboard with all text and images you have copied previously. 

Windows Key + Full Stop (.) 

I must admit this was news to me and I honestly though it was a myth but it actually works. Windows key and then the full top (.) will open emoji panel for you to insert smiley faces and funny icons easily. 

Windows Key + Tab

This one is surprisingly useful. The windows key + tab will open the task view so you can easily see all the apps and documents you have open. It will also open a view of any virtual desktops you have open.  

Ctrl + Y

So we all know the Ctrl + Z undoes an accidental faux pas but have you ever just hit that Z one time too many? If you do undo too much, you can always redo the action by hitting Ctrl + Y. 

Ctrl + W

This is for when you have too many tabs open and need to close them all quickly. Ctrl + W closes the active tab in your internet browser so you don’t have to try and find the tiny ‘x’. 


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