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Why Restarting Your Device Actually Works

Sometimes our devices just don’t work like they should. Maybe it is running a little slow, or something is not quite right. This is when restarting your device is Occam’s razor, the simplest fix is likely the correct one.

Before you roll your eyes at our suggestion, remember your device needs energy to operate, much like your brain. When you feel a bit run down or worse for wear, a quick nap is often the answer. A similar theory applies to devices. 

So, have you tried restarting your device?

Computers do a lot all at once. If you are anything like us, you always have a million tabs open in Chrome, streaming a movie, podcast or music and running demanding apps at any one time. When you are doing all this, your computer stores temporary data in your RAM memory to make things run smoother. When this memory starts to fill up, your computer starts to underperform. Restarting it will wipe clear all the information stored in the temporary memory, giving the computer the ability to run as normal. 

This same logic applies to your smartphone as they are basically palm sized computers. 

Other devices, like your WIFI router, gaming consoles and TVs, all run software that can become corrupt through overuse. Rebooting these devices is like wiping a used chalkboard clean. 

To ensure that your device is rebooting completely, ensure you wait a minute or two before powering back up. This will ensure that any power that was still circulating in the capacitor has been cleared.